The Importance of Pool Covers | Kansas City Pool Experts

In the winter months, pool owners know there are certain tools you need to maintain the quality of your outdoor swimming pool. A quality pool cover is important for many reasons, and the experts at Pools By York are here to weigh in on the topic. 

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Are pool covers worth it?

Absolutely! Pool covers are essential for pool owners for a variety of reasons, including:

Safety, especially around pets and small children. A pool cover is the best way to protect anyone from accidentally falling in. Our Auto Covers meet the National ASTM 1346 safety rating and are so safe that your entire family can stand on top of it! 

Protecting your pool during the fall and harsh winter months. You want to limit your pool’s exposure to the cool weather elements to keep it looking and running its best. 

Keep your pool clean while not in use during the months your pool is open. No one wants to constantly use the pool skimmer nets to clean their pool when they’re trying to relax and enjoy it. With the push of a button, an Auto Cover can quickly cover your pool when not in use and uncover it when you’re ready for a dip.

Protect your investment. A swimming pool is a big investment, and unfortunately it’s not as simple as it is to park your car in a garage to protect it. Don’t hesitate with preventative maintenance like a pool cover to keep your pool looking and feeling like new.

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Our passion is pools and we want our customers to know their pool is protected. Our Auto Covers are one of our most popular customer choices, but we also offer a variety of other pool cover options. Contact us today and we will find the perfect pool cover for you!