Pool Fountain Design and Installation in Wichita

Take your existing pool to the next level with a pool fountain design and installation in Wichita KS.

Pool Fountain Design and Installation in Wichita


At Pools by York, we specialize in creating an outdoor space for everyone to enjoy. The great outdoors has brought joy to our family for years. In fact, a love for the outdoors inspired Kevin York, our owner, to create the company. Pools by Pools by York stretches from Wichita KS all the way to the Kansas City metro area to provide outdoor living construction – including pool fountain design and installation in Wichita KS.

A design and installation process custom to your goals.

The secret to our success? Our process begins with YOU – what are your goals? What do you want your pool fountain in Wichita to look like and/or how do you want to use it?

For a relaxing aesthetic.

We can add accent fountains and waterfalls for a more mature, relaxing setting. Or Pools by York can design and install fun, vibrant water spouts to add an extra dimension of enjoyment to your outdoor space.

For the Kiddos.

Entertain your children, grandchildren or add an extra visual element to your outdoor space with water features, including a pool fountain design and installation in Wichita KS.

Check out our past work below.


Pool Fountains and Water Feature Portfolio


Pool Automation in Wichita KS for convenience!

We proudly offer industry leading technology to make sure your outdoor space is equipped with convenient pool automation and lighting in Wichita KS.

– Automatic pool cleaners

– Installing the hardware that enables you to control the pool cover, temperature, lighting, and more from your phone, computer, or tablet.

– Installing the hardware that allows you to evaluate your pool’s chemical levels via your phone, computer, or tablet to ensure a clean, safe environment for everyone.

– Controls to program automatic temperature cycles, along with allowing the lights to turn on and off at a specified time every evening.

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