Why Is My Pool Green?: How to Fix Your Green Pool

Going green is great, just not for your pool. A green pool is always from an algae infestation, and the only way to avoid it is to diligently monitor and clean your pool. 

Our pool contractors at Pools by York have heard a lot about nasty, discolored pool water. If you’re wondering why your pool is green, keep reading to learn how to fix your green pool.

Step 1: Vacuum your pool

You’re going to want to vacuum to waste your pool to start the pool-clearing process. Turn the valve to waste, then vacuum as much algae and other debris you can. 

Step 2: Brush away

If you only have a regular pool brush, you can use that. But we highly recommend getting a brush designated for algae. Focus on the walls and the pool floor. Keep in mind that algae is a bit tougher to remove since it likes to cling to surfaces. 

Step 3: Time for a shock

Shocking your pool is the best way to get rid of that awful green tinge. It sends blasts of chlorine into your pool to kill off algae. You want to make sure your shock has a high amount of chlorine to get the job done. 

Step 4: Don’t forget to filter

Once the green is gone, your pool water may appear cloudy. That’s normal. Be sure to run your filter until your pool returns to its natural color. This may take a few days, so be patient. You don’t want to rush the process and end up not getting the results you were after. 

Step 5: Seek professional help

Sometimes a green pool is simply too much for you to handle on your own. If your pool is black-green, it might need to be drained and cleaned by professionals. Try to double shock the pool, but if that doesn’t work, don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Need more pool tips?

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