Pool Maintenance 101: Chlorine Smell in Water

chlorine smell in water

Ah, there’s nothing like the smell of chemicals in the morning (just kidding). Now, obviously your pool is going to smell like chlorine a little bit, but it should never be overwhelming. 

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Read on to learn more about the chlorine smell in water and what it comes from. 

It’s not just the chlorine causing the strong smell

Chlorine in itself isn’t what is making your pool smell more than usual. In fact, you can blame something called chloramines. Chloramines come when chlorine mixes with things like dead skin, urine, sweat, and oils.

When there are too many contaminants in the water, those chloramines mess with the level of chlorine in your water. Unfortunately, chloramines aren’t as great at disinfecting, and they only lead to irritation and strong odors. 

How to fix a strong chlorine smell in your pool

Shocking your pool once a week can help add more chlorine to your pool and get rid of chloramines. There are also non-chlorine shock options if you have sensitive skin or want to reduce irritation. 

Along with that, make sure you always maintain your pool chemistry. That requires that you check your pool levels regularly. Keep in mind that owning a pool is super fun, but it also requires maintenance to ensure you don’t always have a nagging smell. 

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