Pool Renovation Ideas for Summer 2020 | Kansas City Pool Experts

You might not want to even begin thinking about pool renovations when it’s so cold outside, but now is the perfect time to start planning for an updated pool. Upgrading your pool for summer 2020 can give your home a new look, which is a great way to jumpstart the fun of a new decade. 

The pool renovation experts at York Companies specialize in upgrading outdoor fiberglass pools in the Kansas City area, and we’ve seen the best of the best when it comes to renovations. Read some of our pool renovation ideas for summer 2020 below.


Underwater LED lighting

Great pool lighting can take your pool from ordinary to a glowing oasis. In today’s technological world, you can set your lights to match your own mood or to create the perfect party ambiance. There are a ton of options for colors, brightness, and tone to make sure the pool works best for your needs. 

Outdoor fireplace or fire pit

An outdoor fireplace adds an extra flair and coziness to your backyard. Plus, it’ll help you enjoy your outdoor space as the weather cools down. Basically, it’s one of those pool renovation ideas that keeps on giving. Your summer activities can turn to fall bonfires and holiday chestnut roasting; the possibilities are truly endless. 

Waterfalls and fountains

Who said that waterfalls and fountains are only for resorts and waterparks? Not us. You can bring that beautiful resort-esque feel to your own backyard to give you the pool you’ve always wanted! 

Slides and sport add-ons

Kids and adults alike can enjoy the thrill of riding down a slide and shooting into a refreshing pool. For even more fun, you could add a basketball hoop, volleyball net, or even a diving board to turn your pool into an all-in-one recreation area. 

Get started with York Companies

Our dedicated contractors can take your pool renovation ideas and build the pool of your dreams. We work with all of our customers from start to finish, which is exactly why we’re the best pool contractor in Kansas City. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your pool or completely build a new one, York Companies is here to help. 


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