How to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Fall

As school starts up again and we prepare for fall, transitioning your outdoor living space is key to functionality and safety ???? Here are the York Companies outdoor living experts’ key steps to preparing your outdoor living space for colder weather:


If you have a pool, it’s always best to be ready for unexpected weather because Kansas City weather can be unpredictable, with weather like snow in May! As leaves begin to fall, having a proper pool cover will help you save time cleaning. You can read about types of pool covers on our recent blog, but York recommends automated covers as the safest and easiest option. 


To prepare your pool for cooler temperatures first remove all toys and debris, then check and clean filters & lights and adjust heating. Remember that lower temperatures mean your pool requires less chemicals! When we get closer to winter, you should partially or fully winterize your pool to prepare your outdoor living space for fall. 

Fire pits

Nothing beats gathering around a fire pit in the fall! If you don’t have one yet, York Companies offers custom designs and expert installation. 

Outdoor kitchens

Before temperatures drop too much, you can go about using your outdoor kitchen  as normal (although you should always have covers to protect it from unexpected weather). In a couple months, you’ll need to winterize your kitchen to prepare your outdoor living space for fall/winter. Drain faucets and sprinklers, turn off gas, clean out fridges and freezers, and cover it all up!


If you love fall like us, it’s almost time to bring out the Halloween and Thanksgiving decor! Adding big knit blankets, switching out pillow covers for darker tones, and replacing flowers with pumpkins are the finishing steps to prepare your outdoor living space for fall. If you want an extra touch of warmth, add some cozy scented candles!

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