How to Prepare Your Outdoor Living Space for Spring

It may feel like spring is nowhere near close thanks to this winter weather, but Kansas City weather can turn around in a matter of minutes! Hopefully your pool, outdoor kitchen and outdoor furniture has been covered from the snow the last few months.


Here’s the expert guide to how to prepare your outdoor living space for spring this year:

Don’t neglect spring cleaning

Of course, you’ll want to start by uncovering everything and giving things a good clean. Remember to sweep and powerwash your deck, wash your pillowcases, and wipe down tables and countertops. Even though they’ve been covered, you won’t want to be eating off dusty or moldy surfaces, so it’s best to catch it soon!


If you have a pool, you’ll also need to make sure to deep clean and rebalance the chemicals to fully prepare your outdoor living space for spring. You don’t want to do this too soon while it should be winterized, so speak with an expert if you’re unsure. Check out our recent blog on how to avoid cloudy water.

Install a fire pit

We all know that spring in KC can switch from blistering heat to chilly winds at night, so installing a custom fire pit is key! Fire pits not only keep you warm but also add a cozy ambience. There are many fire pit and feature styles to choose from to match your home’s aesthetic, from minimalist slabs to classic stone. Plus, they’re great for entertaining! Share stories with kids, enjoy drinks with adults, and try out our firepit recipes ????

Brighten up the space

The last but finishing step to prepare your outdoor living space for spring is to bring the space back to life! Kiss those dark days goodbye and bring out all your favorite colorful blankets and trinkets. To bring some more life around, try adding a small herb garden or just bringing out a few plants!

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