The Pro Guide to Kitchen Renovation on a Budget

A new kitchen is a huge asset when selling your home. Even if you’re not planning on selling soon, who doesn’t want to freshen up/upgrade the room you spend so much time in? Of course there are different extents you can go to with your project—you can start over or just replace a few things. The first step is always to create a budget based on your needs and wants ⚖️ Wondering how you can cut down some expenses? Luckily the pros from York Companies have you covered with tips for your kitchen renovation on a budget!

Hire a contractor and designer

Trying to save on a kitchen remodel by doing it yourself or hiring inexperienced contractors can end up costing you more. Poor contractors (and yourself trying to DIY) may install things incorrectly or use improper materials which will have to be replaced and redone. They also may not be as willing to collaborate and fail to bring your vision to life. York believes that your project should be fun and the contractor should take on the stress!

Paint old cabinets or take off/replace doors

Fresh cabinets are key to upgrading your kitchen. However, if you’re planning your kitchen renovation on a budget, you can opt for painting them instead of replacing them. Another idea is to take out glass panels or doors for an open display for accessories like china, plants, etc. 

Go for a small backsplash

Although backsplashes are stunning, they can be expensive. Instead of going with a more basic design to cover the entirety of the walls, choose a small corner or a spot behind the stove as a centerpiece!

Update lighting

In any setting, lighting sets the mood of the space. Simply replacing your outdated fixtures with a modern chandelier or basic white lights can brighten up the space. 

Try dupe materials

A key way to keep your kitchen renovation on a budget is by finding dupe materials. For example, try remnant stone instead of granite countertops for a similar look at a fraction of the price. Did you know that on average projects waste 5-15% of its materials?! Try to avoid this or if you have some leftovers, reuse it in a bathroom or even recycle it into a high-end cutting board.

Ready to renovate your kitchen (while sticking to your budget)? Come to York Companies!

For a stunning kitchen renovation on a budget, there’s no better option than York Companies. We understand the importance of sticking to your timeline and budget, while not compromising the final product. Check out our portfolio to see our previous work, and if you want to renovate to sell your home, read our recent blog on the most valuable ways to upgrade your kitchen. Contact us today to get started!