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how to restore a deck

A beautiful wooden deck can transform your backyard. At first, it may be pristine with rich colors and smooth finishes, but as the years pass, your deck may look a little worse for wear. But don’t worry, it’s completely natural! 

York Companies has been in the deck game for quite some time, and we know exactly what it takes to build and maintain gorgeous decks in the Kansas City area.

Keep reading to learn how to restore your deck back to its former glory. 

Start with cleaning

Remove any future you may have on your deck so that you can do a full cleanse. Start off by sweeping away leaves, dirt, and other debris before you get to washing. This is a time you can also look for any rotting wood. If a board has rotting that’s more than about ½ inch deep, you’ll more than likely want to replace the board. 

Once everything is cleared away and inspected, use a commercial deck cleaner to wash your deck. We highly recommend buying a cleaner that removes mildew, dirt, and oxidation to help restore your deck. 

Remove stains

If you have stains that are causing unwanted discoloration, the process is fairly simple. Non-chlorine oxygenated bleach can help get rid of stains, and they’re environmentally friendly. For decks made with more expensive materials such as redwood, you want to actually bleach those stones with a chlorine bleach. It’s a little harsher, but it will get the job done. 

Restore the wood

There are a variety of wood restoration products available that can help you restore your wooden deck. These are designed to remove aging and grayness to bring the wood’s natural color back to life. When using these products, always wear gloves and some sort of protective eyewear. 

York Companies has got your deck needs

If you’re looking for more information on how to restore your deck, York Companies is here to help! We are KC’s go-to shop for pools, decks, and outdoor living. We work with you from start to finish to ensure that we bring your dream to life. 

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