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Ah, the sweet smell of summertime is just around the corner! We can’t wait to dive into a luxurious saltwater pool. It’s the only way to celebrate the warm, beaming sun the right way. Here at York, we are your go-to contractors to install a saltwater pool, outdoor patio, custom fountains, and more. Don’t wait to install before summer comes. It’s only in a few months.

Why should I install a saltwater pool?

salt water pool


Salt water pools are a viable option this summer. Although, most individuals tend to forget about the perks and benefits of one. So we’re here to fill you in on a little secret.

Save big money: You won’t have to worry about the hassle of maintaining chlorine levels.

Less maintenance: Saltwater pools are much easier to tend to.

No eye-burning summers: Chlorine won’t be there to sting your eyes, and saltwater pools only hold 1/10th of salt compared to wide-open oceans.

Clean, clear, and cost-efficient.

Accessorize your pool with pool fountains

Nothing says relaxing like a customized pool fountain- that’s right, a pool fountain! Your neighbors may have a pool, but there’s no way they’re a step ahead of the game. We customize and create pool fountains for your outdoor oasis in Fairway, Leawood and more!

Pool fountains in Fairway

Enhance your backyard the right way. Pool fountains in Fairway are the perfect cure for accenting your poolside hangout space.  Fountains will transform your backyard into a vacation spot right at home.

Sift through our portfolio to understand why we love our pool fountains.


pool fountains in leawood

Pool fountains in Leawood

Pool fountains are the perfect accessory to add to your backyard before summer comes. It creates a unique and cultured look that’s perfect for your backyard getaway. Each fountain can be created to highlight your backyard aesthetics. It will complement the pool so well that it will bring your backyard to perfection.

Customize your patio with creative patio designs by York

At York, we don’t just install pools. We create patio designs that will fit well with your backyard aesthetics. We want the patio to fit into your family. Creative patio designs add that extra oomph your yard needs to stand out. 

Patio Design in Leawood

Installing a custom patio design in Leawood is the dream way to accent your yard. You can sit back, relax and watch the kids play. Our contractors work together with you to design the patio of your dreams. It’s super easy to get started. Just flip through our portfolio to see some of our favorites.


patio design in Leawood


Patio Design in Lenexa 

Adding a patio to your yard is a transformation you won’t believe. Reaching out to us and getting your patio design in Lenexa is the only way to make you and your neighbors say WOW.

Looking for more ways to accessorize? Start off your summer with an outdoor kitchen installation in Liberty, MO

The only thing that screams the perfect summer is an outdoor kitchen installation in Liberty, Mo. Bringing your kitchen outdoors is such a good step to take before summer sets in. The only way to lock in a dream backyard is through Pools by York.