Saltwater Swimming Pool Installation in Kansas City

Are you considering a saltwater swimming pool installation in Kansas City?

Saltwater Swimming Pool Installation in Kansas City

Then you’re in the right place! When you make the decision to install a pool in your backyard, you probably aren’t thinking too hard about the specifics at first. For many homeowners, and many community pools as well, chlorine pools are the go-to choice for a swimming pool installation. Pools by York have noticed a recent trend – many are starting to consider saltwater swimming pool installation in Kansas City to reduce the amount of maintenance and cost.

A saltwater swimming pool installation in Kansas City offers significant benefits.

BUT FIRST! Debunking some common misperceptions. Pools by York talks to a lot of homeowners, and most of them think saltwater pools are as salty as seawater. However, they aren’t anywhere close to being as salty as seawater. To their surprise, saltwater pools only have about one-tenth the salinity.

In addition, saltwater pools are not completely chlorine-free. Instead, the system uses a process called electrolysis to create chlorine. The created chlorine will disinfect the water.

Softer Water on the Eyes & Skin.

Since saltwater pools in Kansas City have lower chlorine levels, saltwater pools are much gentler on the eyes and skin than traditional chlorine pools. Many people have said they thought saltwater pools produce softer-feeling water, which they found desirable.

Less Maintenance.

Since the salt cells in the water produce enough chlorine needed to keep the pool sanitary, saltwater pools require far less maintenance when compared to traditional chlorinated swimming pools.


Your best option? Talk to a professional contractor for saltwater swimming pool installation in Kansas City.

Why? Well, because you want to be aware of everything involved with installing a saltwater swimming pool in Kansas City. Which means, our process delivers all of the important information up front and you know how to take care of your pool and how much it will cost over its lifetime. zero surprises! 

Pools by York is your resources for professional advice. We will help guide you through the selection and installation process.


Contact Pools by York or use our free quote tool to determine the cost of a saltwater pool installation in Kansas City area.



You want to find multiple providers who can give you quotes before you make your final decision. At Pools By York, we completely understand this, which is why we offer clients no-obligation free estimates and we take the time to help you decide what type of pool will be best for your unique home and family.


Pools by York offers fiberglass pools in Kansas City for an alternative to the saltwater pool.