Why You’ll Love a Screened Porch in Kansas City

screened porch in Kansas City

A screened porch is a great investment and home addition. This special home feature enhances your lifestyle and living space for many reasons.

Increased living space

Your screened in porch can have an indoor-outdoor feel, which means you can spend a lot of time in this area, similar to a living room. You can eat meals, relax, and even spend time watching television or working on the computer in your screened porch in Kansas City. A screened in porch is an extension of your home and its square footage.

Be outside without pests

It’s always fun to spend time outside with friends relaxing or enjoying a meal. Pesky bugs like flies and mosquitoes can ruin the party and force people back indoors. Screened in porches protect you against these pests and make the outdoors enjoyable for everyone.

Enjoy the atmosphere of nature with the comfort of indoor living

The possibilities are endless for how you use a screened in porch. With the calming sounds of nature, you can spend time on your porch reading, journaling, meditating, or simply taking in the nature around you. 

Is adding a screened in porch worth the cost?

Yes! For many people who love to enjoy being comfortable but also enjoy the mood-elevating benefits of the outdoors, a screened in porch is worth the cost. Many customers find themselves spending more time in their screened porch than anywhere else in their homes!

What do you do with a screened porch in the winter?

There are several options to keep your screened porch warm and cozy during the winter months: 


  • Before you have a screened porch built, consider having an outdoor porch fireplace installed. 
  • Some people use heavy clear vinyl to cover the screens and seal out the elements, similar to storm windows. 
  • Get a freestanding or tabletop heater for the space in the winter.
  • You can also switch up your decor and add in lots of throws and blankets for added warmth. 


Still thinking about screened porch addition for your home? You can get a free outdoor living project quote! Contact York Companies today to discuss your potential project.