How to Shock a Saltwater Pool: Tips from Kansas City Experts

how to shock a saltwater pool

Some people believe that shocking a pool is only reserved for chlorine pools. That’s not true. Believe it or not, saltwater pools do have a little chlorine in them, and you can definitely shock them to clean and maintain them. 

To learn about how to shock a saltwater pool, keep reading and our experts at York Companies will tell all. 

Step One: Test the waters

Before you go any further, you’ll want to test your pool’s water. Make sure you check pH levels, calcium, and Alkalinity. If any of those levels are too high when you shock your pool, you could do some damage, including staining. 

Step Two: Measure, measure, measure

When you get started, it’s very important to not just “eyeball it.” You have got to carefully measure ingredients, starting with understanding how many gallons of water are in your pool. From there, the back of your package should list out how much you need to use for the size of your pool. 

Step Three: One last check

Don’t assume everything is a-okay and start shocking right away. Go ahead and do a final check to really check all your boxes. Basically, we’re saying go back to step number one and test all those levels just to be sure.

Step Four: Get to shocking

Now it’s time to actually shock the pool. Before you jump into it, make sure the filtration system of your saltwater pool is on—this is very important, so don’t forget it. Turning on the filtration makes sure that the shock is evenly distributed through your pool. Read the instructions carefully. In some cases you may have to dilute the shock (especially with fiberglass pools) before you go. 

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