Space Versatility: 5 Ways to Use A Sunroom

One of the benefits of a sunroom is that the space can be used for practically anything! You can use the natural light to your advantage or use blinds for more privacy. Here are a few of York Companies’ favorite ways to use a sunroom:

1. Workout room

Want to run in the sunlight without dealing with the heat? A sunroom is the perfect spot for an at-home gym! You can set up your weights, treadmill, and tv to avoid the fees and awkwardness of a gym AND the temperature and bugs outside.

2. Movie room

More family friendly ways to use a sunroom include a movie room. Simply get some comfy seating and a projector, set up a snack station, and you’ll have all of the benefits of a theatre right in your home! Don’t forget to add blinds or curtains if you’ll be using it during the day ☀️

3. Dining room

Don’t have a dining room? A sunroom is a great place to enjoy meals away from the rest of the house, plus you can relish in the sunlight and natural surroundings. You can even add a bar or couch for more casual get-togethers.

4. Home office

As working from home grows in popularity, it’s hard to stay motivated while laying in bed. An at-home office is one of the most useful ways to use a sunroom. You can create a space that is bright and motivating, so you can feel focused and at ease while you work.

5. Green room

Calling all plant lovers! Sunrooms are great for plants—you can even use glass on the ceiling for more overhead light. Since it’s inside, you can better control the temperature, pests, and water exposure. Plus, you can throw in a hammock for a relaxing reading spot.

Start enjoying the benefits of a sunroom with York Companies: your Kansas City sunroom builders.

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