Start Preparing For Summer With Our Pool Designers in Johnson County

From first design concepts to completion, creating a custom backyard pool typically takes about 3 months. So, while starting construction on your pool may not be at the forefront of your mind while you’re prepping to bundle up for the snow, now’s the optimal time to get started! York Companiespool experts have laid out a step-by-step of how to start preparing for summer with the help of our pool designers in Johnson County.

Finding the best pool designers in Johnson County 

Building a pool is a personal and financial investment, and the ROI (return on investment) heavily relies on who you choose as a contractor. When it comes to finding a contractor for any home project, the first 2 things on your checklist should be experience and willingness to collaborate.


Pools aren’t something you want to bargain shop for, nor attempt to do it yourself. Understanding what goes into a proper foundation, following local codes, and perfecting finish-work for beauty that lasts for years requires years of knowledge and access to the best materials. Always browse reviews, websites, and portfolios, and don’t hesitate to meet multiple contractors for a consultation before you settle down. 

Planning a budget for a new pool

Upon meeting with your pool designers in Johnson County, discussing the price should never be uncomfortable or dismissed. Your designers should always be upfront with you about what goes into the cost of your pool, from materials to size, so you can stay on budget without sacrificing your vision. 


The design process should be exciting, not stressful! Choose from bases such as saltwater and fiberglass and complete your aesthetic with touches like fountains, pool lighting, and automated covers.


Once you’ve decided every detail of your design, experienced pool designers in Johnson County will grant you access to their timeline and keep you involved in the conversation.

Come to York Companies for the best personalized pool design & construction

Ready to take on the new year with a new pool? Contact us today to set up your first meeting and get to planning your unique backyard designs! Stop by our portfolio for design inspiration and our blog for more tips on preparing your pool for summer and winter maintenance.


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