Streamlining Your Timeline for Pool Installation in Overland Park

Deciding to build a backyard pool is an exciting investment, but a significant financial and time commitment nonetheless. One of the most popular questions our pool experts get is “How long will my pool installation in Overland Park take?”. Short answer: on average, inground pools take about 2-3 months to complete from start to finish. 


If you’re looking to have your new backyard oasis up and running in time for Memorial day, now’s the perfect time to start! Like any project, bumps in the road (from limited materials to necessary redesigns) can set you back. The Pools by York team has provided some exclusive tips for sticking to your pool construction timeline.

What a typical timeline looks like

If you’re designing a custom pool, the total timeframe will likely be about 3 months. Here’s a breakdown of what to expect every step of the way for your pool installation in Overland Park.

Month 1: Designing & planning

As always, you’ll start off by working with your designer to nail down blueprints, materials, and ensure you’re following local codes. Here, you’ll approve the final design and check pool safety and size requirements with your neighborhood officials.

Month 2: Excavation & wiring

While the excavation (digging out a spot) itself only takes a couple of days, you should always plan for about a week in case any underground issues come to light. Next, you’ll lay out the plumbing and electrical.

Month 3: Lining & details

Lastly, the lining of your pool (i.e. fiberglass) is installed, filled, and completed with whatever finishing touches you want. From pool covers to underwater lighting and fountains and beyond!

The importance of finding a dependable contractor

Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go to plan. Finding a trusted construction company to execute your pool installation in Overland Park will ensure that you’re in the loop at every point to ensure your vision. Clear communication is key to bringing a custom vision to life, keeping track of local codes, and problem-solving efficiently. 

Come to the pros at Pools by York for the best pool installation in Overland Park

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