Stunning Pool Lighting Ideas for Your Kansas City Pool

Pool lighting is not only a stunning addition, but also allows you to safely swim at night! Before you install your pool lights, check out our recent blog on underwater lighting safety. There are plenty of pool lighting options to fit your home and pool’s aesthetics and needs. Here are a few of the York Companies pool experts’ pool lighting ideas!


Traditional underwater pool lighting consists of simple bulbs in the pool. Be sure to hire York Companies, a trusted pool contractor, to ensure that they are properly installed. These are most practical for night swimming and can light up the pool from within so you can show off the inside material and details.

Water features

Water features allow for more unique, eye-catching pool lighting ideas. There are plenty of stunning pool water feature styles to choose from including waterfalls, sconces, and spillover spas. Adding lights to these will beautifully illuminate them so you can enjoy them at night. 

Fire features

Want more dramatic pool lighting ideas? Fire features are a breathtaking way to add lighting around your pool. You can try small fire holders built into pool walls, or more extravagant features like a fire waterfall. If you want to use the fire to stay warm, try building a rectangular ledge off the side of the pool with a small line of fire through the middle. 

Fun floaties

If you’re looking for something not so permanent, opt for light up floaties! There are endless fun options to choose from including light up balls, chairs, floating tables, and cup holders. This option is perfect for kids and parties!

Outside the pool

Don’t forget about pool deck lighting! A lit-up walkway is a timeless option. You can go for tiki torches, spotlights, or even colorful string lights.

Come to York Companies to complete your pool area with perfect lighting!

Love these pool lighting ideas or have a design of your own? Contact York Companies’ pool experts to get started completing your backyard getaway. Don’t forget to check out our portfolio for some visual inspiration and try our hassle-free quote tool.