The Top 3 Benefits of Having a Home Sunroom in Kansas City

With winter here, sunlight starts becoming more and more scarce with the change of season. One of the best ways to enjoy sunlight all year round is installing a sunroom in your home!

sunroom in Kansas City

Cure those winter blues

Seasonal affective disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that comes with the change in season. The reduction in sunlight during winter can affect your circadian rhythm, and also your serotonin and melatonin levels (brain chemicals that regulate your mood and sleep). While not everyone may have SAD, many people report experiencing some of its symptoms during winter.

One of the best ways to get more sunlight in your life is a sunroom! These rooms are built to capture all of that lovely sunlight to boost your mood, feed your plants, and create a great space in your home to relax in. A sunroom is still shielded from the elements, and it provides you more sunlight to enjoy in your home all year round.

Additional home living space

A sunroom is an extension of your home, and many people use them as a secondary live room. You can set up the space to work for you in whatever way you need. You can utilize the space however you like! A sunroom in Kansas City is a great space to relax in or even use as a home gym, creative space—you have endless possibilities.

Increase your home’s value

With any home addition, homeowners want to know their money is going towards something of value. A sun room is often seen as a great bonus in real estate because it’s an added feature that many homes don’t have. In turn, most buyers expect for a sunroom to be factored into a home’s price, and many are willing to pay for this valuable home feature. 

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