5 Reasons to Install Swimming Pool Covers in Kansas City

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York Companies has decades of experience in designing and installing beautiful swimming pools throughout the Kansas City area. The biggest mistake their customers make? Not adding a swimming pool cover. Here are a few reasons why you may want to install swimming pool covers in Kansas City…

fiberglass pool installation in kansas city#1 Helps Retain Heat

Using a swimming pool cover in Kansas City overnight can help to reduce heat loss.

#2 Reduced Evaporation

The water in your pool will evaporate much more slowly when it is covered, so you will be conserving water!

#3 Fewer Chemicals

We’d all like less toxins and chemicals in our lives. By using a swimming pool cover in Kansas City, you could reduce your pool’s chemical consumption by 35-60%.

#4 Less maintenance

By using a swimming pool cover, you’ll need to vacuum less often and for a shorter amount of time. You’ll have more time to spend enjoying your pool.

#5 Easy to Use

York Companies provides automatic, retractable pool covers for quick and simple pool protection. You’ll be jumping into a fresh, clean pool with just the press of a button!

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