A Swimming Pool Will be the Best Investment You Make This Year

2019 is a transformative year for homeowners. It’s the year you finally accomplish all of your household goals. We’re starting the year off strong and looking for the perfect way to transform your house into your dream home. After careful research and investigation, we discovered one of the most popular home trends this year will be swimming pools. It looks like Kansas residents are tired of the sweltering heat once summer hits and are looking to install a swimming pool to help cope with the sun.

Dive Into 2019 With a Swimming Pool Installation

You heard it here first. Installing swimming pools will be 2019’s most popular summer trend for homeowners. Homeowners are recognizing the benefits and perks of becoming a pool owner.

In 2018 homeowners started realizing how beneficial a swimming pool would be for their home. They carried this strong belief with them into 2019.

swimming pool installation

Start Your Swimming Pool Installation Early

It’s always a keen idea to start any task early. We believe getting a head start on a home installation, such as a swimming pool installation is extremely wise.

If you start your project early, you’ll have ample time to begin planning. A lot goes into a pool design and installation. Although our contractors will be there to help along the way.

A swimming pool installation process actually runs quite smoothly. Let’s dive into how our pool installation process unfolds.

Initial meeting: We believe an initial meeting helps our contractors learn more about the customer and their wishes. Therefore, within our initial meeting, a swimming pool contractor will delve into the design. This process is extremely collaborative. If you’re looking for guidance, we can show you examples from our portfolio or design a unique creation for your home.

Timeline: Once we have the design finalized, our contractors will walk you through the phases of installing a swimming pool. This ensures you’ll be fully aware and in the loop of everything that goes on.

Excavation: Our pool contractors will come out to your home and excavate the area. We ensure the size and depth of the pool will be precisely measured. We strive to prevent shifting or settling of your foundation. The excavation process is extremely accurate.

Plumbing: We will pre-plumb the pool to make sure the pump circulates the water efficiently.

Filling: Once the plumbing phase is complete, it’s time to put the finishing touches on your swimming pool. Our contractors will fill the surrounding area of the pool and inspect every aspect of your pool.

The Final Touches: After all phases are complete and all inspections have passed with flying colors, your swimming pool is yours to enjoy!

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