How to Take Care of an Indoor Pool | Indoor Pool Maintenance in Kansas City

Many people want an indoor pool to enjoy year-round pool fun, but they often fail to understand how to take care of one. Indoor pool maintenance is extremely important to avoid problems like mold, rotting, and gross-smelling air. The quality of your indoor pool will ensure that you and your family are safe while maintaining your pool’s longevity. 

Our contactors at York Companies are experts indoor pool maintenance in Kansas City. Read on to learn about how to take care of an indoor pool so that your pool stays in tip-top shape. 

Things to consider before building an indoor pool

Ventilate the area

Proper ventilation is key to promote great air quality. Since indoor pools are in an enclosed space, chemicals and other dangerous particles can cycle through the room. 

This is especially true when you shock your pool. Pools need to be “shocked” every week by adding chlorine to kill bacteria and algae. As a result, particles of body oil, perfumes, grease, and chemicals filter into the air. If the area isn’t ventilated, those particles end up bouncing back into the water and ruining your air quality. 

To avoid this issue, make sure you open windows after you shock your pool. Installing fans can also help to circulate the air. 

Monitor the temperature

If you’re not careful with the temperature, condensation could build up and really degrade your indoor pool. You should keep your pool and air temperature close together. Generally, the air temperature should be about four degrees warmer than your pool. In doing so, you’ll be less likely to see condensation build up. 

Clean your pool regularly

Just because you don’t see branches or leaves falling into the pool, doesn’t mean you can skip on cleaning. To break up algae and mold growth, vacuum your pool once a week. If you find that you don’t have to do it as often, at least brush the bottom of the pool and the walls. 

Your pool filter has the important role of removing bacteria and algae, so it’s important that the filter is cleaned every three months. You’ll want to rinse out the filter and use a filter cleaner (don’t just rinse and hope it’s all good).

Let York Companies get you started

There’s no point in trying to maintain a poorly-built pool. York Companies builds the best indoor pools in Kansas City to ensure that your indoor pool lives up to your standards. We provide excellent customer service so that the process is easy, fast, and seamless. If you need more tips on indoor pool maintenance, feel free to contact us. 


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