K. Johnson

We decided to purchase a pool and so I went out to pool websites and put in inquiries.  I got two phone calls out of the 6 inquiries I emailed.  York responded immediately.  The other contact took two weeks to respond.  When York came to my house, he was wonderful with my dogs and my five million questions.  The other company was uncomfortable with my dogs.  I worked with both companies to get two quotes.  The quotes were different but the key piece was that when I called York with questions they responded in 24 hours.  When I decided to sign, he came out and he we signed that night.  That was just the beginning of a wonderful relationship.  The crew who installed the pool were amazingly kind to my children.  Specifically my 13 year old who would watch them and ask them questions and they would stop and joke with him and then back to work.  The biggest piece that shocked me was when York left – my yard looked wonderful – they did a tremendous job and there was a wonderful pool left behind.