The Best Fiberglass Pools in Kansas City

Since 2006, Pools by York has been designing and installing some of the very best fiberglass pools in Kansas City and surrounding residential areas. We strive to deliver safe, sturdy, and beautiful fiberglass pool builds that will be cherished for years. If you’re looking for an exceptional pool installation, you’ve come to the right place.

How the Best Fiberglass Pools in Kansas City Are Built

best fiberglass pools in kansas city

Our installation process is unlike any other. Throughout our entire process, our number one priority is always the homeowner. From our initial meeting until the very end, we ensure your pool build will be a smooth and easy process.

We begin our process with an initial discovery meeting. During this meeting, we’ll lay out everything on the table. You will learn how every step of our process unfolds. This is also a wonderful time to ask any burning questions or express any concerns you may have.

Throughout the first meeting, we’ll gather an idea of what exactly it is you’re imagining for your new pool. We’ll account for all of your goals and incorporate those into the build. If you’re unsure of what style or design you’re looking for, don’t worry! We have a collection of past projects, designs, and more that are there to inspire you. Our team is also there to help you along the way. With years of experience under our belt, we’re aware of what option will be best for your home.

pool contractor in kansas city

After you and the York team finalize a design, it’s time to really get started. Our pool contractors will come to your home and begin excavating and laying the gravel foundation. This ensures your pool will be structurally sound with a solid foundation for years.

Following the excavation, our contractors will not only install a plumbing and filtration system but test the system multiple times to ensure everything is running smoothly and up to code.

Once all the above steps are complete, it’s time to enjoy one of the best fiberglass pools in Kansas City!

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