Things to Consider Before Building A Wine Cellar in Your Kansas City Home

Wine cellars are a beautiful addition to a home and can be used as storage, decoration, or an entertainment space. There are many crucial factors to creating and maintaining an efficient and beautiful wine cellar, so where to start can be overwhelming. Luckily, the contracting professionals at York have mastered the art of building a wine cellar and have provided some tips to get the wheels moving!

Deciding on a purpose, size, & budget

Before you start building a wine cellar, you need to decide what you want to use it for. Are you collecting hundreds of bottles of different types of wines? Or maybe aging a few yourself? Do you want to entertain people in the space? These questions will determine the size and therefore budget of your project. 


L’Atelier du Vin wine experts explain that the 5 types of wine cellars are for the following purposes:

  • Aging & preserving
  • Serving & preparing
  • Tastings
  • Displaying
  • Multi-purpose

Understanding temperature and insulation 

There are “active” and “passive” wine cellars, active being artificially climate-controlled and passive being controlled naturally underground. Deciding which of these fit your needs will help you decide the location of your wine cellar. 


This will also help you decide what materials you need, which can dramatically impact the price. From here you can also base your budget around the materials you want (cosmetically), from wooden shelves to glass doors. 

Start building a wine cellar with York Companies!

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