Thoughtful Backyard Date Ideas

Staying in for Valentine’s Day is more than socially acceptable now! You can limit distractions and create a beautiful, intimate date night tailored to what your partner loves ❤️ If you need some inspiration, here are some backyard date ideas to try that are sure to set you up for an unforgettable night. Don’t forget the candles and blankets!

Movie night

Who doesn’t love a classic movie date?! There are a few local businesses that offer set-ups for backyard movie dates with snacks, a projector, picture-worthy lounge spot and all. To do it yourself, simply set up an air mattress or some pillows and blankets and grab your popcorn or a charcuterie board. For added ambiance, you can never go wrong with flowers and twinkle lights!

Unwind in a hot tub

If you’re looking for more simple, relaxing backyard date ideas, try a hot tub spa date. You can take this as far as you want! Go the champagne and music route or full-out treat yourself with facemasks and massages. 

Customized dinner and bar

One of the most classic but somehow overlooked backyard date ideas is preparing a meal outside. If you have an outdoor kitchen, you can maximize both your time enjoying the outdoors and quality time cooking with your significant other. 


If you’re in need of some Valentine’s Day dinner ideas, check out our recent blog for a full-course idea that’s sure to impress! You can also bring out a bar cart and make your own favorite cocktails or even try out festive Valentine’s Day drinks.

Game night

Reconnect with your partner’s inner-child with a backyard game night! Whether you want to go with classic board games, get deep with a couple’s card game, or spend all night laughing with Cards Against Humanity, this date idea is a great way to spend time together away from technology. 

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