How to Throw a Stunning Outdoor Thanksgiving Party

Thanksgiving is just around the corner! Whether you want to play it safe and social distance or just want an excuse to use your outdoor living space, throwing an outdoor Thanksgiving party is a fun and easy way to switch up the holidays. Here’s our rundown on how to stay cozy and throw the ultimate outdoor Thanksgiving party ????

Prepare for the weather

Fall in Kansas City is unpredictable, so be prepared for the cold, rain, or perfect weather! Bring out plenty of warm blankets and pillows to couches for people to lounge on. Get all of the firepits, fire features, and fireplaces ready! Not only will they keep you toasty, but they also add to the ambiance and allow guests to cook their own snacks/desserts! You can set up a bar for smores or whatever snack you desire, as well as a drink bar.

Keep the food hot

Let’s be real, we all look forward to the Thanksgiving meals! When serving outside, keeping the food out of the way, warm, and covered from rain/debris is essential. You can bring out hot dishes in portable food warmers/chafing dishes and other sides in decorative baskets.

Bring out the decorations!

Last but certainly not least is the decorations. You can go for a traditional cozy aesthetic or aim it more towards children or a theme! In general, you can never go wrong with some fun lights, decorative throw pillows, and even fall cocktails. 

Build your dream outdoor living space with York Companies

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