Timeless Kitchen Designs to Complete Your Home

When it comes to remodeling your kitchen, choosing a design and layout that your family will love for years to come can be daunting. While you may love the sleek look of an all-white minimalistic kitchen, it likely doesn’t fit your needs. Here are some tips from the York Companies kitchen experts to keep in mind when thinking through your timeless kitchen design.

General design tips

Let’s face it, a monochromatic kitchen that looks like it’s never been used isn’t the most inviting, especially if you have children. For a more functional design, don’t be afraid of the lived-in look! Opening up cabinets and hanging pots on the wall is an instant way to warm up the space. 


We’ve all come to love an open layout. Creating a multi-functional island where you can cook, eat, and even make cocktails helps you make the most of the space.


When looking through materials and patterns to incorporate, choosing one section to be the star of the show is key. Not only does that help you avoid overwhelming the space, it can also help knock down the price. For example, rather than going with an intricate tile backsplash along the entirety of a wall, opt for a single area such as behind the sink or stove. 


The finishing touches to a timeless kitchen design are in the appliances. Find appliances with the same color detail, typically silver or gold, to bring the design together. 

Timeless kitchen design inspiration

Now that we’ve covered the basic rules for creating a timeless kitchen design, here are some example styles our team has pulled that we think you’ll love!

Organic modern

If your heart is set on a modern kitchen but you’re seeking a bit more balance and warmth, an organic modern design is for you. It’s sleek yet comfortable to live in. This timeless kitchen design balances bright whites with warm wood. Plus, you can really get creative when it comes to colorful decor such as golden cookware, bright flowers, and fruit bowls.


Refreshed rustic

The rustic look is here to stay, but here’s how to modernize it to your liking. This design features rich colors, brick, and reclaimed woods. Whether you opt for a black or green color theme, balancing out these deep tones with lighter woods and open cabinets helps you achieve the best of both worlds.

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