Tips for Preparing Your Pool for Summer

As it’s finally starting to heat back up in Kansas City, everyone is anxious to get back to the pool! Nothing beats sipping on a cold cocktail in the pool, especially when it’s right in your backyard ???? Once you’ve created the backyard escape of your dreams, which the professional team at York Companies can help with, maintenance is key. Here are some tips for preparing your pool for summer from our pool experts:

Start with a deep clean and rebalance

Once it’s time to pull back your pool cover, thoroughly cleaning your pool is the first step to returning it to perfect pool-season condition. You might as well sweep off your pool deck while you’re knee deep in the spring cleaning too! 


Remove any debris that may have gotten through during the winter and check/replace your filtration system. Now you can check the water levels and begin balancing your pool’s PH and alkalinity. Once you’ve finished, remember to check your chemical levels and vacuum regularly.

Install an automated pool cover

If you don’t already have an automated pool cover, don’t wait until fall! You’ll still need to cover your pool here and there throughout the summer, and an automated cover makes it simple. Plus, these covers are far more protective, saving you effort and money from constantly cleaning and rebalancing your pool. 


If you have children, elders, or animals living with you, they also provide maximum safety so you won’t have to worry about someone falling in. Learn more about the benefits of automated pool covers on our recent blog.

Add lighting and water features

Installing pool lighting and water features is an often overlooked step of preparing your pool for summer, but they will bring your oasis to a whole new level. Not only are these assets great for kids, but also add customizable ambience. There are plenty of pool lighting styles to choose from to match your home’s aesthetic, from LEDs to fire features! You can also find the perfect fountain or water feature styles for your needs, including sconces, rock waterfalls, and much more. 


Come to York Companies to bring your pool vision to life

If you’ve already designed your dream pool with us and have completed these steps for preparing your pool for summer, it’s time to show off your work and host a pool party! If not, the York team is here to help you carry out all of your backyard plans, including saltwater & fiberglass pools, pool accessories, decks, fire pits, and more. Stop by our portfolio for more inspiration and try out our free online quote tool to get started!


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