Top 3 Benefits of a Hot Tub in Kansas City

As it finally starts feeling like it’s fall in KC, we’re all missing lounging around in the pool. However, hot tubs are a perfect way to continue hanging out outside and bring a whole new level of relaxation to the table! There are sooo many benefits of a hot tub in Kansas City, but here’s our top 3 we think you’ll want to note:

1. Year-round outdoor socializing

If you live in the midwest, you know how we fully experience every season. While pools are great for summer, you can’t use them for a decent amount of the year. Opting for a hot tub will allow you to continue your time outdoors year-round! If you’re worried about leaves or snow falling on you while you’re in the spa, you can add a roof. There are plenty of hot tub roof options ranging from umbrellas for a cheap, quick fix to a wooden gondola decked out in lights. Check out Backyard Boss’s slideshow for some visual inspiration of awesome hot tub enclosures.


Don’t forget that you can also attach a hot tub to your pool! There are so many stunning ways to design a pool with a hot tub, from having it above, connected to, or even INSIDE the pool. Check out these pool/hot tub designs from Architecture Art Designs. Having this stunning, practical combo in your backyard will make it a social hotspot for your friends OR a neverending getaway right at your fingertips.

2. Health benefits

We all know that sigh of instant relaxation we let out when we enter a hot tub. Believe it or not, they actually do provide benefits for your mind and body! Some of the most notable benefits of a hot tub in Kansas City are that they genuinely relieve stress and relax muscles. 


According to Healthline, warm water and massaging jets help reduce physical, emotional, and mental stress. It also soothes tense muscles, helping painful soreness and even preventing injuries. This relief also applies to pain from arthritis by taking weight off of your joints. Studies have also shown that hot tubs allow for easier and deeper sleep. 


Want to burn calories and improve your heart health just by sitting? Soaking in a hot tub for an hour burns as many calories as a 30-minute walk and can even help lower your blood pressure simultaneously. 

3. Adding to your home’s value

Need even more benefits of a hot tub in Kansas City? Luckily, if you plan on selling your home at any point, an in-ground hot tub will impress buyers! If you have an outdoor living space or pool area paired with a hot tub, that will really grab their attention. 


But first, remember to deep clean your hot tub before showing your home! Staging your hot tub for sale is an often overlooked but important factor because first impressions are everything

Start enjoying the benefits of a hot tub in Kansas City right in your backyard! 

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