The Top 3 Benefits of Having a Low Deck in Kansas City

Low decks are a popular home addition to help you enjoy the outdoors with added comfort. They are a relatively straightforward home addition; at York Companies we deliver experienced custom deck contracting services. 

Below are our top three benefits of adding a low deck to your Kansas City home!


Low decks are easier in terms of safety since they are not elevated off of a second story on a home. There is no need for guardrails surrounding the deck, making them more cost-effective and easier to build. 

With traditional decks elevated over the yard, there is risk of the deck collapsing if there is too much weight on it or if the deck is in a significant state of disrepair. Low decks are easier to maintain for safety for these reasons.

Low decks have customizable placement.

Traditional decks are limited to being attached to the house, but low decks are not! You can choose a corner of the yard to build the low deck in place of landscaping and as a second patio area. Create a comfortable nook in a corner of the yard, or a low deck right outside your backdoor. The options are endless!

The freedom to choose the placement of your low deck for your space gives you creative opportunity for unique placement and design ideas. 

Low decks are more accessible.

Traditional decks require you to take stairs to enter the yard. If you are in your forever home, this can make the task more challenging as you age or if you have mobility issues. The short height of low decks makes them easier to access, and they are also easier to add a ramp to make them more accessible. 

Interested in adding a low deck to your Kansas City home? Contact us at York Companies or get a free contracting quote from us to get started with your low deck project today!