Top 3 Ideas for Fire Pit Cooking

Do you love cooking outdoors? We’re uncovering the top 5 ideas for fire pit cooking in Kansas City.


Top 3 Ideas for Fire Pit Cooking


Cooking outdoors has been an enjoyable activity for years. Many solo travelers, avid campers, and families have cooked meals over a fire pit. Not to mention the memories and bonding exchanged! There’s something special about cooking food over a fire – it just tastes so perfect! We’re bringing the adventure of camping to your backyard with the top 3 ideas for fire pit cooking in Kansas City.


From the campsite to your backyard with these top 3 ideas for fire pit cooking in Kansas City.

We’re happy to share some of your ingenious ideas to get you or your family outside and cooking!

1. Nuts

Instead of buying roasted nuts – we all know how expensive those can be – try and make them yourself for a cheaper, healthier alternative! In comparison to the majority of store-bought brands, you can avoid the many oils and additives when you roast nuts at home. The best part? You can make your own flavors! Mix a variety of spices to create that perfect flavor to satisfy your tastebuds! that’s both tasty and better for you.

Nuts Recipe Ideas

2. Pineapple & Peaches

For most,  pineapples or peaches don’t really fall into the campfire food category. However, the heat from a firepit it a perfect catalyst to maximize and caramelize these fruits. A perfect addition to any meals!

Peaches Recipe    Pineapple Recipe

3. Beer Pancakes

Yes, that’s right.  Beer pancakes! A great crowd pleaser for a group of friends, before game day tailgating, or on a man’s weekend trip. Our friends at Chowhound has listed the perfect recipe for a hearty breakfast.


There you have it! The top 3 ideas for fire pit cooking. Take these ideas, make them your own and by all means… enjoy the time you spend with your friends, family or kiddos.


Want to try these top 3 ideas for fire pit cooking? But you don’t have a fire pit?

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