Top 4 Benefits of an Automated Pool Cover

Pool covers are an overlooked pool accessory that not only provides safety, but can save you time and money in the long run. There are a few types of pool covers to choose from including mesh, standard, and automatic. Here are the top benefits of an automated pool cover from the Kansas City pool experts at York Companies:

Maximized safety

Whether you have a pet, children, elderly individuals, or just don’t want to stress when you entertain, automated covers are the safest option. Unlike a mesh or standard pool cover, one of the most mentionable benefits of an automated pool cover is their ability to prevent a dangerous situation. 


Your whole family can safely stand on top of the cover, though we don’t recommend doing this often!

Energy reduction

There are also environmental and cost benefits of an automated pool cover. By enclosing the entire pool, it requires 20%-40% less energy for filtration of debris from outside forces. Minimizing evaporation can result in reducing heating costs by 50%-70%

Chemical cutback

By reducing evaporation, automated covers also reduce the amount of chemicals used. UV rays take a toll on chlorine, so completely protecting your pool when not in use can save time, money, and water. 


Kiss your heavy old mat goodbye! One of the top benefits of an automated pool cover is that you won’t have to lug around an inconvenient and not so pretty pool cover. Plus, cleaning just got way easier. Mesh pool covers may keep larger debris like tree branches out, but with an automated cover you don’t even have to worry about crumpled leaves. 

Come to York Companies for the best automated pool cover near you!

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