Top 5 Pool Must Haves

A backyard pool is the key to making the most of summer in Kansas City. If you’re looking to install a pool, check out our blogs to learn more about types of pools, budgeting and much more. Whether you’re about to begin construction or are looking to add some finishing touches, here are 5 pool must haves from the pool experts at York Companies!


Lighting sets the mood of any space, but pool lighting is also great for night swimming ???? There are many stunning pool lighting styles to choose from including underwater lights, fire features, pathway lights, and LEDs. York Companies can help you set times for your lights to turn on and off, saving you electricity and money! By coming to our experts, we can ensure your underwater pool lighting safety

Water features

Water features are eye-catching pool must haves that can transform your pool. Whether you’re aiming for luxurious lit-up streams for decor or fountains in the shallow end for kids, there are so many pool water feature styles to choose from to match your aesthetic needs. 

Automated cover

Heavy tarps and insufficient mesh covers are a thing of the past. Automated pool covers are the best type of pool cover to cut back on electricity, chemicals, and cleaning. Plus, you won’t have to worry about anyone or thing falling in, thanks to its durability!

Spacious deck

An often overlooked part of pool construction is the deck. After all, you’ll likely spend more time on it than in the pool! Thinking through the layout of your outdoor living space is essential to ensuring safety and optimizing usage. You can choose a pool deck style that fits your home’s style such as minimalistic concrete or classic dark wood. 


In-water furniture

Looking for a more comfortable version of dipping your toes in the water? One of the hottest pool must haves right now are in-water lounge chairs. These seats are installed in the shallow area of your pool so you can relax with only a portion of your body in the water. This means you can tan while staying cool and keep a closer eye on little ones!

Create your dream pool space with York Companies

Ready to take your pool to the next level? The Kansas City pool experts at York Companies are here to help you transform your backyard. Learn more about these pool must haves, our pool options, and our other outdoor living services on our website. Check out our portfolio for more inspiration and contact our team today to get started just in time for spring!


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