Top Mistakes: Kitchen Remodeling in Kansas City

Considering kitchen remodeling in Kansas City? The kitchen is the heart of your home, so it’s important to love the space. It’s also the most desirable to buyers, meaning your return on investment (ROI) will be high. Check out this guide from the contracting experts at York Companies on mistakes to avoid for your kitchen remodeling in Kansas City!

Don’t choose looks over function

Designing your new kitchen should be fun! However, you also have to remember what you NEED. Don’t forget important aspects like electrical outlets, enough storage, and counter space because you got carried away with the cosmetic details.

Don’t neglect lighting

Lighting is an essential component to any room—it sets the mood ????Consider the tone (cool or warm), brightness, placement, and style. If you want more versatility, try a dimmer or color-changing option. You can go for more basic lighting, or if you need a statement piece, an extravagant chandelier or fixture. If you have art pieces or a wine rack, you can try putting spotlights on them to draw more attention. Lastly, don’t forget about including natural lighting with windows or skylights!

Don’t overwhelm a space

When beginning your home’s kitchen remodeling in Kansas City, it can be easy to get excited and want it all. However, it’s important to remember how big of a space you’re working with. You’ll want some room to walk, lounge, and cook in, so don’t cram too much in the space. You also don’t want to be visually overwhelmed with too many textures, patterns, or a stainless steel overload; go for balance!

Don’t wait to choose appliances

One of the most common kitchen remodeling mistakes is waiting to choose and install appliances. If you build your entire kitchen and make a spot in between cabinets for your fridge, then buy one that doesn’t fit, you’re in a pickle. It will take more time and money to fix this, so pick out appliances during the remodel. 

Your biggest mistake: Not hiring York Companies for your kitchen remodeling in Kansas City ????

Start designing your dream kitchen with the help of York Companies’ expert team. Take a look at our kitchen remodeling in Kansas City portfolio for inspiration and get a hassle-free quote online. Contact us now to start enjoying your new kitchen ASAP!