Top Wine Cellar Mistakes to Avoid

Calling all wine lovers! ???? A wine room/cellar is every wine connoisseur’s dream. There are countless design options for you to choose from, from stairwell entrances to glass wall storage. 


However, storing your wine in a room with proper ventilation, temperature control, and moisture is essential to keeping it in its prime condition. Here’s the York Companies pros’ rundown on the most common wine cellar mistakes to avoid:

Not installing the right storage space

When you begin designing, account for how much wine you have/will have to store. One of the biggest and most costly wine cellar mistakes is not choosing a practical size. Also, account for what you want to use the space for—is it simply for storage, or is it for tasting and entertaining?

Poor lighting

Of course lighting sets the mood in any room, but lighting is especially important in a wine cellar. Have you ever noticed that many wine rooms have dimmed lighting? This isn’t simply for ambience; wines are actually sensitive to light. Bright lights or sun exposure through windows can cause the taste and color to change. 

Not ensuring proper conditions

Understanding what temperature, humidity, and ventilation wines need will help you avoid wine cellar mistakes that damage your precious bottles. Wines should be stored around 55° F and stored laying down rather than upright. 


If you plan on aging wines, consider the humidity levels. This also refers to installing the right door to maintain proper ventilation. 

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Choosing the right contractor who has experience specifically with wine room construction is key to ensuring its beauty & longevity and avoiding these wine cellar mistakes. Check out our other blogs for more visual inspiration and unique wine cellar ideas! Stop by our portfolio to view our previous work and contact us today to start building your wine cellar.


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