Trending Outdoor Kitchen Designs in 2022

We’re back with more trending home designs to inspire your next project! If you haven’t read our trending bathroom and kitchen designs blogs yet, remember to swing by those for more visual inspo. 


There are many reasons that an outdoor kitchen is a good investment, from maximizing your time spent outside to potentially offering a 100%-200% ROI (return on investment). Here are 3 beautiful trending outdoor kitchen designs from the York Companies’ outdoor kitchen experts that we think you’ll love:


Bohemian aesthetics are here to stay! These trending outdoor kitchen designs bring the tropical vacation feeling right to your backyard. Incorporating nature into your outdoor living design not only makes it feel more like an escape, but can also increase your overall well being. Bring in all of your greens and flowers of all sizes in decorative vases, and don’t be afraid to mix patterns.

Rather than digging up that big oak tree, build around it.

If you don’t have a well-placed tree, bring in some natural wood for cabinets, roofing, and accessories. Utilize touches of green accents in the walls and cabinets to add a more luxurious, and well, green touch. Add a swinging lounge chair and prepare your favorite cocktail for the perfect relaxation spot!

Modern Spanish

If you’re looking for a middle-ground between modern and tropical, the modern spanish style is your golden ticket. Use a modern, white base for your flooring and cabinets, and add some personality with a Spanish-style roofing for your cover.

These trending outdoor kitchen designs are all about the details, so mix and match marble, wood dining tables, unique lighting fixtures, and splashes of intricate blue tiles to transform the space.

Hamptons Style

The “Hamptons style” is a darker twist on the usual modern trending outdoor kitchen designs. By mixing sleek black countertops and accessories with natural wood panels and stainless steel appliances, you’ll achieve a look that will have all of your neighbors in awe.

You can even mix wood colors to create more visual interest, balanced out by timeless black furniture. Lastly, a wooden fireplace or a pizza oven will add a more inviting feel ????

Come to York Companies to bring your dream outdoor kitchen to life

Whether you love one of these trending kitchen designs or have a unique plan of your own, the York Companies team is here to ensure your vision on time and on budget. We build everything from outdoor kitchens, to pools, to fireplaces and beyond. Try out our online quote tool and contact us today to get started!