Trendy Outdoor Living Space Ideas for Families

Building or updating your outdoor living space for yourself and your little ones to enjoy? There are so many options it can seem overwhelming — from pools to huge board games to playgrounds! If you’re looking for a smaller way to add a little something for kids of all ages to enjoy, the Kansas City backyard experts from York Companies have some unique ideas!

Hammock floor

Hammocks are fun for everyone in the family! If you want a more permanent/larger hammock style, try a suspended hammock floor! Plus, the versatility is endless! You can use it as furniture during parties, to watch movies, read, or as a space for the kids to dry off from the pool without dripping water everywhere. 

Sand pit

Another more classic outdoor living space idea for families is a sand pit, but you can add your own twist! You can make a sandy area with outdoor furniture so kids can build sand castles while you bury your toes and feel like you’re somewhere tropical. ???? If you’re sporty, you could even add a sand volleyball court. You can also get creative & save by doing it yourself!

Tree house

Another go-to is a tree house. You can use this space as an extra living space, playroom, movie room, and beyond! You can even add a slide into the pool or a fun tire swing. House Beautiful offers some more unique outdoor living space ideas perfect for families!


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