Types of Pool Covers: Which Is Right For You?

When building a backyard pool, the cover probably isn’t your biggest concern. However, pool covers can affect safety and maintenance efforts & costs. In addition to saving you time cleaning out debris, they can reduce evaporation—saving you money on chemical consumption and heating! There are a few types of pool covers, and deciding which one can impact a lot. Here’s a rundown on types of pool covers from the Kansas City pool experts at York Companies!

Mesh: Pros

Mesh pool covers are installed with spring attachments. The material allows water to go through while stopping most debris ???? 

Mesh: Cons

Small debris can still sink through, so you will have to dig some out with a skimmer net. This option does not trap heat within the pool and could also lead to algae growth from sunlight exposure. 

Standard: Pros

The standard solid types of pool covers are also secured with springs, but the solid mat provides extra protection from debris, algae, and sunlight. 

Standard: Cons

It is heavier and more difficult to maneuver. Water can also build up on top of the cover and weigh it down. 

Automatic: Pros

Automatic pool covers offer all the same pros as the standard solid cover and more! This is a popular choice because it also provides the most safety and ease. You can stand on top of the cover without having to worry about falling through! You also don’t have to worry about trying to carry it around or storing it because you simply press a button. These types of pool covers are by far the easiest, safest, and most efficient option!

Automatic: Cons

This cover option is more of an investment, but is an asset when selling your home.

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