Questions About Underwater Pool Lighting? We’ve Got Answers

At Pools By York, we’re passionate about pools and love to give them finishing touches that really show off their design. One of those final details is underwater pool lighting

Lighting your pool is a great idea to provide accents and style and to make your pool safe during the darker hours. You can choose from different brightness, color, and tone options for your lighting, and we also have automation services that can help you control your underwater pool lighting with ease.

Let’s discuss some of our most frequently asked questions about underwater pool lighting.

underwater pool lighting

Is underwater pool lighting safe?

Yes, underwater pool lighting is safe when installed by a professional electrician with a permit. This is not something you should ever do yourself. Since water and electricity do not mix, you should take pool lighting safety very seriously and hire a professional to install it. The installer should ensure that everything is up to code and safe. 

Are LED pool lights worth the money?

This is subjective to your budget and how you will be using your swimming pool. Lighting provides visibility in the pool after sunset for nighttime use, so if you plan on being able to safely swim in your pool or even just spend time by it in the evenings, underwater pool lights are worth the money. LED lights are brighter, more energy efficient, cost less to run, offer a ton of color options, and more. LED lights are the best type of underwater pool lighting.

How many underwater lights should I put in my pool?

This also depends on your tastes and how you want to use the pool. If you only plan on doing minimal lights, one or two strategically placed for maximum visibility is a good option. If you plan on using the underwater pool lighting for both visibility and decoration, you may have several lights installed for a unique effect. 

Pools By York loves to work with you to create a customized pool lighting plan that complements your pool. Browse our underwater pool lighting portfolio and contact us today to discuss your lighting project!