How to Upgrade Your Bathroom to Boost Your Kansas City Home’s Value

Thinking about remodeling your bathroom before reselling your home? Having multiple full and half baths that are up-to-date and in-style can increase your home’s value. First you need to learn what buyers look for in a bathroom, before you consider what YOU want or what’s trendy. York Companies’ experts have provided some tips to maximize your ROI when you upgrade your bathroom. 

Talk to a real estate agent first

Whether you are hoping to sell your home later down the road or specifically making upgrades to resell now, discussing what buyers look for is the first step. They can let you know how your home compares to others in the neighborhood. Also discuss if you should add any full or half baths to check a number on buyers’ lists. 

Hire experienced builders

Trying to save money by hiring inexperienced builders is not worth the risk. Do your research: look at portfolios, reviews, and meet with them first. You can check out York’s bathroom remodeling portfolio online.  

Use quality (and not too trendy) materials

Materials can drastically affect the price to upgrade your bathroom. Choosing expensive trendy materials is not the smartest option if you’re reselling. Stick to basic designs and neutral colors that buyers can make their own. 

Consider a tub

Having at least one bathtub is also on many buyers’ lists, whether it’s for themselves to relax in or if they need one to bathe their kids. There are lots of styles & materials to choose from, but remember to pick a tub that fits the room. Home Depot offers some style ideas from elaborate soakers to typical shower/tub combinations.

Create a cohesive theme & don’t forget to accessorize

Little details like tiles and light fixtures can drastically improve first impressions. Adding decorations to the neutral room can show potential buyers how customizable it is. 

Ready to upgrade your bathroom? York Companies can help!

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