The Most Valuable Ways to Upgrade Your Kitchen

Thinking about renovating your kitchen to up the resale price of your home? Understanding what potential buyers look for is the first step. New kitchens are a huge asset to your home, and you’ll likely get back 60-80% of what you spent. Check out York Companies’ tips on the most desirable ways to upgrade your kitchen!

Upgrade your cabinets

According to Forbes, cabinets are one of the first things a buyer will notice. While a great addition, new cabinets can be expensive so you might consider painting them for a cleaner look and an affordable price tag. 

Install new countertops

Buyers also look for a solid countertop with enough room to cook and work. Granite & quartz are the most wanted materials for countertops that can raise your home’s price.

Install new flooring

If you’re considering new flooring, hardwood is the best option for reselling. This is often a top want on buyers’ lists and instantly raises the price. Also remember how the wood color and style will add to the mood of the space when deciding on options. You can also look into vinyl flooring as a cheaper way to upgrade your kitchen.

Update appliances

New stainless steel appliances are another feature buyers look for to complete a kitchen’s checklist. However, don’t crowd the kitchen with too big or busy appliances. As HGTV says, avoid extremes and open up the space for the best returns. 

Add backsplashes

Backsplashes go out of style quickly, so this cheaper step can add a lot to first impressions. You can stay on the cheaper side with materials like glass mosaics to get the best return.

Update lighting fixtures 

Don’t underestimate the importance of lighting! Not only does it set a mood, it also sets the tone of your kitchen. Consider how different light temperatures and sizes make the area look. Trendy light fixtures are another smaller purchase that can create a much better buyer impression!

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