Do You Want to Build a Pergola or Covered Patio?

When the sun blasts against your patio or deck, the solution is simple: get some shade. A quick internet search will sprawl out words like pergola or covered patio, but which one is right for you?

Fortunately, our outdoor living experts at York Companies can help you figure out the difference between pergolas and covered patios to prepare you for those summer rays. 

Amazing Patio Design Ideas For Your Outdoor Space

What is a pergola?

A pergola is a free-standing structure meant to adorn a deck or garden. Keep in mind that a pergola doesn’t have a roof. Instead, there’s usually some kind of overhead frame, allowing sunlight to filter between the open slatts. 

Some people choose to grow flowers or vines to crawl and weave through their pergola. Just imagine how beautiful that could look and how well it could complement your backyard aesthetic (that is if you have a green thumb; dead vines are just creepy!). 


Benefits of a pergola:


  • Adds unique beauty to your outdoor living area
  • Can come with accessories such as UV-resistant canopies
  • Creates a free flowing vibe that’s less structured 

What is a covered patio?

When choosing between a pergola or covered patio, you should consider how you want the structure to be attached. Unlike pergolas, covered patios are attached to your home, making them a structural extension rather than just for looks. 

Covered patios also have a roof, and most people choose to use the same material on their covered patio roof as the rest of the house for a seamless transition. 


Benefits of a covered patio: 


  • Completely blocks out the sun
  • Can save on energy costs by shading your home 
  • Ability to add accessories such as fans, lights, and an outdoor entertainment center


How to Build the Best Outdoor Living Space

Let York Companies help you upgrade your deck or patio

Once you’ve chosen between a pergola or covered patio, don’t just stop there! If you’re in the Kansas City area, York Companies can help you build your dream deck or patio. We can even do repairs or add additional space. 


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