What Are the Benefits of a Salt Water Pool? | Kansas City Pool Experts

Most people don’t realize the large difference between swimming in a traditional chlorine pool and a salt water pool until they swim in a salt water pool themselves. It’s safe to say you will notice and feel the difference, but for those who have never felt the luxury of a salt water pool, we thought we’d discuss the benefits of this pool type.

Save on pool chemicals and complete less maintenance.

Salt water pools do not rely on constant supervision and maintenance of pool chemical levels. They can go for extended periods with optimal levels to maintain cleanliness and sanitation levels. This gives you more time back that you can spend on relaxing in your saltwater pool. You can also use the money you save on chemicals for pool accessories and other backyard features.

Salt water is naturally relaxing on your muscles and joints.

Have you ever heard of epsom salt baths for sore muscles? There’s a reason people use salt water when they’re feeling achy! Salt water contains ingredients that relieve pains and muscle aches. This creates an ultra relaxing swim that can even lead you to feeling more motivated to use your pool for exercise!

Salt water is great for your skin.

Salt water is calming and healing on your skin. If you suffer from acne, eczema, or just sensitive skin in general, you will benefit from swimming in salt water over a traditional chlorine pool. While chlorine tends to dry out your skin, salt is a natural exfoliant and moisturizer, so you will leave your pool with soft, hydrated skin. 

???? Bonus: Salt water pools only contain 1/10th of the level of salt in the ocean, so there’s no need to worry about it burning your throat or eyes! Most people describe the water in these pools as feeling “soft.”

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