Why Are Hot Tubs Good for You? Some Thoughts from York Companies

Why Are Hot Tubs Good for You? Some Thoughts fromYork Companies

Frenchie Spa-EDIT2At York Companies, we know that many of our clients are wondering, “Are hot tubs good for you?” And, if so, “Why are hot tubs good for you?”  Let York Companies shine a little light on the health benefits of hot tubs! The word “spa” actually comes from a Latin phrases that means “health from water”. The heat from a hot tub can open your blood vessels which stimulates circulation.  This can benefit individuals that suffer from poor circulation or high blood pressure.  And the stress release from spending even a few minutes in a tub tub can’t be underestimated.  With our hectic schedules, it’s so important for our mental health to take a few moments to regroup and relax.  The spa’s jets can focus streams of water on sore spots, releaving tension in your muscles. The bouyancy of the water also relieves pressure in your joints and spine.

Just to be safe, always consult your physician before using a hot tub.  Once you get the go-ahead, contact York Companies for a free estimate!