Wine Cellar Ideas to Fit Your Kansas City Home’s Aesthetic

Who doesn’t want a custom wine cellar in their home?! Not only is it an asset when selling, but it can also be used as decoration or an entertainment space! There are endless options you can choose based on your needs—if you want a naturally cooled room, go for a classic cellar in the basement. If you have a smaller collection, maybe you want a display right in your kitchen. Here are some wine cellar ideas from the home experts at York Companies that can fit your home (for visual inspiration go to Houzz or our portfolio)!

Wine pantry

If you have a decent-sized wine collection but want something more on-hand and on-display in your kitchen, a wine pantry is a great option. You can insulate and cool these spaces and the size is customizable, from a shelf to a walk-in pantry. Glass cabinets allow you to see the inside of the display and you can choose black matte material for a modern style or reclaimed wood for a rustic look.

Under the staircase

One of the more unique wine cellar ideas is focused on placementunder the staircase (Harry Potter style⚡️). This is perfect if you’re working with a smaller space; it’s more out of the way so other rooms won’t be overwhelmed and crammed. You still have full creative liberty and can choose how to arrange the storage.

Wooden shelves

No matter the size of your wine collection, wooden shelves are a go-to. If you want a small part of the collection on display in the kitchen, you can simply add built-in wooden shelves. Get creative! Try out different shapes like triangles or patterns like small circles. Want a full-on cellar? Build these shelves right in!

Bring your wine cellar vision to life with York Companies

Feeling inspired by these wine cellar ideas? Contact York Companies with your vision and get started today! If you want some pro tips, our blog about things to consider before building a wine cellar in your Kansas City home is a quick read.


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