York Companies: The Best Indoor Pool Builders in Kansas City

There are so many benefits of having an indoor pool in Kansas City, from swimming year round to avoiding scooping leaves every day! We understand that building a pool is an investment, so getting a reliable contractor to get it right the first time is essential. Here’s our rundown on what to look for so you can find the best indoor pool builders in Kansas City!


When looking for a contractor in any situation, experience is #1 on the checklist. You’ll need a contractor that’s specifically experienced with indoor pools because they are so unique. Having a proper understanding of the importance of ventilation, lighting, features, and pool covers will allow them to make your vision a lasting reality. 

Willingness to collaborate

While of course having a contractor who has their craft down to a tee is key, having one who is open and excited about your ideas is also important! There is a balance that contractors have to find between maintaining practicality and safety with the owner’s wishlist, that typically comes with experience. This doesn’t mean that they should be yes-man, but that they can help you find the best way to accomplish your vision.

Direct communication

You need to maintain direct and open communication from start to finish. If a material is out of stock or they encounter a problem, you should be the first to know. You should always know what point you’re at in the project and have a say in the next step.

Come to York Companies to bring your indoor pool vision to life!

As THE best indoor pool builders in Kansas City, we’re experienced in all kinds of pools. Our team is collaborative and always works to keep you involved in the process. That being said, it should also be a fun, exciting experience! Check out our portfolio and contact us today to get started.


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