Top 3 Deck Building Mistakes to Avoid

A deck is a versatile space perfect for hosting, exercising, and simply soaking up the sunshine! Creating a personalized deck that fits your needs and aesthetic entails a whole lot of big decisions, but the York Companies’ deck building team is here to help! Here are some of the most common deck building mistakes we see and how to avoid them.

1. Not thinking through the purpose of your deck

The first, but most crucial step is deciding what you intend to use the deck for. If you have children and a pool, perhaps you may want some extra room for their toys and for them to lay out in the sun. If you are planning on your backyard being the hotspot for dinner parties, leave some room to walk around in addition to plenty of seating. 


One of the most disappointing deck building mistakes is not having the right size or layout you need. For example, if you create a small area for your morning yoga and coffee, your guests will feel cramped at dinner. 

2. Attempting to DIY

You shouldn’t try to save money by trying to do it yourself or getting help from an inexperienced friend on any major project. The structural integrity of a deck is important to ensure you and your family’s safety and the longevity of the deck’s life. Most people don’t know how to properly install support beams, can end up covering essential components like vents and pipes, and can go against local codes. 


Plus there’s the aesthetic details like staining, hardware, and coatings that can ruin all of your work when done improperly. Trying to throw it together yourself is one of the most detrimental deck building mistakes possible and can result in hazards, damage, and ending up having to pay far more by starting over. 

3. Overlooking deck accessories

One of the smaller but most transformational deck building mistakes is neglecting the little things! For example, handrails and built-in lighting for safety. Lighting features will allow you to appreciate your deck’s beauty 24/7, plus you have a much smaller chance of tripping down the stairs when you can actually see them. 

Trust the York Companies pros with your deck installation!

The simplest way to avoid these common deck building mistakes is by coming to York Companies. We’ll work with you to ensure your vision comes to life, all while maintaining your safety and sticking to your budget and timeframe. Check out our portfolio for more visual inspiration and contact us today to begin!


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