Must-Know Pool Safety Tips

We all know the classic rule: “don’t run by the pool”, but first time pool owners need to know more than that before they begin installation. Ensuring your family’s safety is always at the forefront of the York Companies team’s minds, but here are some key pool safety tips to protect you once our work is done.

Install underwater lights

Underwater pool lights are not only beautiful, but allow you to safely swim at night. No one wants to blindly swim and run into things. Plus, if you have children, you’ll easily be able to see where they are in the pool. There are plenty of versatile pool lighting styles to choose from to complete your backyard escape’s aesthetic, from fire features to LEDs.


Remember to stop by our blog about pool lighting safety for more helpful tips, but remember to have lights checked regularly by a professional and set timers for them to turn on and off. 

Opt for an automated cover

There are a few options when it comes to pool covers, but the pros of automated covers are undeniable. Recommending our automated covers is one of the most important pool safety tips we can give because they help prevent pool accidents. You’ll save time cleaning out debris, hauling a heavy mat, and even money when it comes to regulating the temperature! It’s as simple as pressing a button and hopping in. Your family, and even pets, can safely stand on the cover without worrying about falling through. 

Don’t forget about sun safety

The sun is part of the deal when it comes to swimming. Most pool-lovers also love sunbathing, but taking the proper precautions is essential. In general, you should reapply sunscreen every 2 hours. Remember to wait for it to dry before you get wet and to reapply once you get out of the pool if you’re staying outside. Installing a gondola or a covered daybed with sheets is another way to catch a break from the sun while still enjoying the outdoors. 

Stay away from drains 

One of the most overlooked pool safety tips is staying away from open drains and suction outlets. Remember to keep your distance from these openings, and especially keep your hair away from them, to avoid a painful accident from the high-pressure suction. 

Come to the pool experts at York Companies for all of your pool needs!

Now that we’ve established some essential rules, let’s get to the fun part. Whether you’ve built your pool already or just looking to add accessories, York has everything you need. Browse our selection of saltwater & fiberglass pools, indoor pools, covers, automation & lighting, and water features on our site. Don’t forget to stop by our portfolio and try our instant quote tool to get a better starting point and contact us today to begin!